Monday, February 8, 2010

Drawing on Polished Plaster

So, I know it's been awhile since I last posted, but I have been busy, it's really not because of my super powers of procrastination. We've been hard at work making up sample kits for your libraries and as a result I have not had time to play around with the player piano rolls, but ideas are still swimming around in my head.
Today I thought I would post about a project we completed in December because I think it's a pretty interesting technique with a lot of possibilities. For a long time I had been experimenting with dry mediums to create drawings on polished plaster so we could create fine detailed images. Polished plaster doesn't accept dry mediums very well, it's like trying to draw on glass. I stumbled upon a box of grease pencils in my art supply stash and tried them out. They worked like a charm, allowing different possibilities in line quality due to their smudgability. They also are completely permanent,  once sealed with our polish topcoat are completely irremovable.
Many of you have probably seen our first sample with this technique (look above 01-1201409). This one also included some incised lines. Below are some shots we took of a residential project in Yorkville. A very talented designer over at B+H, Dorota Gelner came up with this amazing design and her colleague Jodie Rosen fine tuned the colour selection. They wanted a grey line, but as grease pencils come in limited colours (black, white, blue and red) we used a combination of black and white pencils to create the design.

The diameter of the design is almost five feet and the wall is the first thing you see when entering the unit. It was challenging to photograph as we buffed the finish to a glass like sheen.

Hopefully soon I will have a chance to mess around with the item from my last post and I've come across another interesting item that will be up for grabs soon.