Saturday, December 5, 2009


     This is my first official post here on PakRatt, so I guess I should explain a little about the concept of this blog.  Basically it's a communication tool to explore and present unusual materials and/or techniques that we (Kolectiv) have available for use in custom art installations and/or surface finishes.
     The idea came to me recently after I had a chance to purchase a sizable lot of vintage player piano music rolls. At the time I thought that they would make a really cool addition to some sort of installation, but I did not buy them because sampling with a material that is not readily available can prove problematic. I have a knack for finding lots of strange items but I've had to keep my pack rat ways in check so that my workspace doesn't become over run.
     So, enter PakRatt, here you will be able to view the stuff we collect and our ideas for their applications. Alternatively, if you see something you like and have your own ideas for its use, please get in touch. Keep in mind, most of the items you will see here will be one off type of things, so they will be best suited for a really unique feature area or object and once gone they will probably not be available again.
     The second objective of PakRatt is to let you know about any new techniques and materials that we are playing around with. Lots of discoveries happen in our sampling process, sometimes as the result of mistakes (which often lead to the most interesting directions). We're pretty excited about some new stuff we've been messing around with like wire macrame and some unconventional takes on French polish.
     Hopefully you will find this blog to be a useful resource and a good taking off point for the creative process. We're all really eager to share our ideas, so keep an eye out, cause I'll have my next post up within the next 3 days. 


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